Best Movable Type Hosting

Which Movable Type hosting solution is best?  With so many hosting companies to choose from, it can be difficult to start your search for a host, much less find the best Movable Type hosting company.

We have tested out Movable Type blogs on a variety of hosts and found that there were a few that really shined.  We looked at the following criteria:

1.       Easy install.  How easy is it to install Movable Type?

2.       Disk space, bandwidth, and speed.  Does the host offer enough space and bandwidth to support to popular blog and allow to load quickly?

3.       Cost.  Was the cost reasonable, even for those of us not making any money from our blogs?

Based on those criteria, here is what we found:

1. HostGator


HostGator is our #1 choice because it came through in spades on all of our criteria, not to mention that they are a reputable and well-known company.

The install is as easy as it gets, with a quick and easy auto-installer for Movable Type.  With a just a few clicks and some minimal information (domain name, blog title, etc.), your blog will be up and running and ready to customize.

The space and bandwidth on all HostGator packages is unlimited, so there is nothing to worry about there.  The page load speed was also the fastest of any of the hosts we tested.

In our opinion, these discount coupons make HostGator the easy choice for anyone looking to setup a Movable Type blog.


2. BlueHost


BlueHost came in a close to second to HostGator.  It has many of the same features: auto-installer, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, etc.

The page load times were slightly slower than what we found with BlueHost, though not much longer.

In terms of cost, BlueHost is normally $6.95 per month, but we have a special deal for Movable Type bloggers for just $3.95 per month from our friends at!


3. HostMonster


HostMonster is perhaps the least known of our top 3 hosts.  We did find their service to be top-notch, as it offers everything our top 2 choices do.  However, the page load speed was significantly slower at points than either HostGator or BlueHost.  This seemed to be an intermittent problem though.  Sometimes the page would load quickly and other times it would be much slower.

The main reason HostMonster slipped to number 3 is the cost: $5.95 per month.  That is still a great deal for a quality host, but we just can’t bring ourselves to pay that extra $2 every month, when you can get hosting that is just as good from HostGator for a cheaper price.